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An American Home Health Aide Shortage is Looming

There is an increase in the number of adults who need extra daily care as baby boomers retire and age. Many of these adults want to remain in their homes as long as possible. The number of home health aides necessary to fill this growing need will also need to increase. Unfortunately, this isn’t happening.

Reasons for the Increased Demand for Home Health Aides

Unlike previous generations, more recent generations have tended to move away from home. This has led to more children living farther away from their aging parents. Older adults who require care at home must seek professional help in the form of home health aides. This is fueling a demand for home health aides at a time when they are becoming scarcer.

Even for adult children of aging parents who need extra care, it can be challenging to provide it. Many adults are not able to give enough time to caregiving for their parents due to other work and family obligations.

Reasons for the Short Supply of Home Health Aides

One of the biggest reasons for the short supply of home health aides is the low pay. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for home health and personal care aides in 2021 was $29,430. This isn’t much, especially considering the time and effort the job involves.

The pay is especially low for home health aides helping those who rely on Medicaid because Medicaid reimbursement rates are lower than private insurance company rates. Home health aides can make more money working for patients who have private insurance or who can pay higher wages out of pocket.

The lack of career opportunities contributes to many home health aides leaving the field after being in it for only a short time. Despite home health aides’ important contributions, they have few opportunities for extra training and advancement.

Long-term Care Planning

By planning well in advance, you can find a way to get the best long-term care possible. An experienced elder law attorney can help you with long-term care planning for yourself or a loved one. By using legal and financial tools, such as long-term-care insurance, Medicaid, and trusts, you’ll get an early start. Preserve your assets while affording quality long-term care services when you need them.

Our law firm is dedicated to keeping you informed of issues that affect seniors who may be experiencing declining health. We help you and your loved ones prepare for potential long-term medical expenses and the need to transition to in-home care, assisted living care, or nursing facility care.

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