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Money-Saving Tips for Aging Well

We are living longer now than previous generations, which will prolong our retirement years. Since expenses, taxes, and inflation don’t go away simply because we retire, we need to make sure we have enough money to live comfortably while meeting…

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Taking Action Against Age Discrimination

Even though years of work have been dedicated to eliminating age discrimination, it persists in the workplace. Age discrimination occurs when an employee or prospective employee is treated less favorably because of their age. It can be directed at older…

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The Value of Meditation and Mindfulness in a COVID World

COVID-19 continues to be a harrowing experience and previously unthinkable challenges, unwanted changes, and devastating losses of loved ones have become all too common. Whether you call it meditation, yoga, prayer, spirituality, contemplative or philosophical thought, meditative practices can support…

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Money Saving Tips for Seniors

At retirement, you should be financially secure and not be worried about your finances. The stress that money problems bring not only ruins your aging experience but can also be disastrous to your health. Rising health care costs and your…

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Experiencing Anxiety Later In Life

Anxiety occurs in older Americans more frequently than most people think. Some reports estimate between 10 and 20% of seniors have generalized anxiety. This number could be even higher, as many often deny having psychological issues when asked by their…

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