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Seniors Returning to Work

Changing demographics in the workforce are causing retirees to reactivate their alarms and return to work. Some retired during the Covid pandemic, while others have been in retirement for longer. Now those retirees are returning to the workforce because of rising inflation; others are simply looking for something to do and the social aspect of a work environment.

Whatever their reasons for returning to work, seniors are finding employers that are happy to have them. It has become more evident that a workforce comprised of talent from all age groups is a stronger workforce. Retirees have been an overlooked pool of talented and experienced workers with a strong work ethic.

Benefit of Remaining Active

Studies show that remaining physically and socially active throughout life can help overall health and reduce the chances of developing dementia. Though ageism still exists, its inhibiting factors are waning, and employers increasingly recognize the value of seasoned workers. If you need or want to reenter the workforce, now is a good time to do it.

Job Opportunities

With the increase of remote-work opportunities, more jobs are opening that don’t require a commute. These jobs present an opportunity to work from home, which could be ideal for older workers, especially if they have a spouse who needs extra care. Another benefit to remote work is that it reduces the overhead costs for both the employer and the employee.

For seniors who prefer the social aspect of working directly with others, there are plenty of opportunities. Temp services are an option. Another option is working in the senior living industry. Retirement communities and assisted living facilities are experiencing a high rate of turnover and need staff members. Here are some resources to help you find your post-retirement job.


AARP (formerly called the American Association of Retired Persons) has a program called BACK TO WORK 50+ that offers resources for job seekers who are over 50 years old. Through the program, AARP offers a free jobseeker guide, coaching sessions, and online tools and resources.


For seniors seeking employment who meet certain criteria, the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) could be a good option. The SCSEP is an agency within the U.S. Department of Labor. The program, which is authorized by the Older Americans Act, provides training for unemployed, low-income seniors. Participants in the program also have access to assistance through American Job Centers.

Consult an Elder Law Attorney

Before venturing back into the workforce, it is a good idea to consult with an elder law attorney to make sure your new income stream will not negatively affect whatever government benefits you may be receiving. Contact our office today and schedule an appointment to discuss how we can help you with your planning.

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