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Estate Planning Components

You can ensure your loved ones are taken care of after your death by creating an estate plan that distributes assets according to your wishes. It requires organization and strategy and begins with five key legal documents that can address…

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Technology in Senior Care and Elder Law

Many aging Americans can live longer and more safely in their homes due to technological advancements such as self-monitoring medical devices, telehealth, and smart homes that utilize the Internet of Things. Elder law and at-home medical technology uses can intersect…

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Irrevocable and Revocable Trusts

You may choose from two types of trusts when planning your estate: revocable or irrevocable. Each trust type has its own benefits and drawbacks. However, both trusts are legal arrangements to manage and distribute your property during your lifetime or…

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Estate Planning for the Farm

Planning for succession and estate planning for farm and ranch real estate as well as related livestock, equipment, and other personal property has unique challenges. There is a common misconception that federal estate taxes threaten farm or ranch property, preventing…

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What is the Role of an Executor?

As the executor or personal representative of someone else's estate, you have been chosen by them because they deem you trustworthy to handle their assets and affairs after death. Even though the decedent nominated you to be their executor, you…

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Estate Planning for Seniors

It is common knowledge that estate planning is important for older adults, but almost half of them lack a will or power of attorney, and even fewer have a living will or health care directive. These documents help guide your…

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Medical Estate Planning Documents

It's common for people to associate estate planning with wills and trusts and passing assets on to children. However, there is another part of estate planning that doesn’t get as much attention. It concerns advance health care planning. Have you…

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Intestate Probate

A probate court oversees the distribution of a decedent's property if your loved one passes away without making a will, known as intestate. Also known as intestate succession, it has similarities to the probate process when a will is present.…

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Estate Planning to Lighten Probate

In spite of the fact that probate can be complicated, long, and expensive, proper estate planning can mitigate unwanted risks by anticipating what might happen and preventing problems before they arise. Sound estate planning can make the probate process run…

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