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Elder Law is Important for Understanding Long-term Care, Medicaid, and Protecting Your Family Property in Arkansas

Understanding Elder Law in Arkansas

At our Arkansas law firm, we fight to protect your family’s ongoing financial success as you age into your golden years. Today as individuals enjoy longer lives, families are struggling with long-term care expenses. It is a challenge to maintain the dignity of loved ones in end-of-life care situations, while protecting their financial legacy from the continually rising costs of living and medical care, the caregiver’s plight, adult guardianship, and other elder law legal services.

Our Arkansas Legal Services Include:

  • Long-Term Care Planning
  • Medicaid Planning
  • Special Needs Planning

We can help protect your assets and address your unique elder care needs and concerns. Our elder law firm assists clients in evaluating the options available for long-term care support and services. These include home care, assisted living, nursing homes, and retirement communities. We will also help you understand the public benefit programs, including Medicaid, Veterans Administration, and state-based programs that may help cover care costs. We’ll advise you of the planning options for asset and family protection and help you access the benefits.

The Importance of Long-term Care Planning in Arkansas

The life expectancy of Americans continues to rise. It is essential to protect your golden years with long-term care planning according to state laws in Arkansas. Long-term care planning involves proactive planning for the cost of elder care; that care includes Arkansas nursing homes, community living, or in-home care.

Most long-term care options are costly and many elderly Americans. Many Arkansas elderly don’t plan for long-term care costs and end up spending their life savings, retirement, and valuable assets on the cost of eldercare. An Arkansas elder law lawyer, like Zac White, can assist you or a loved one proactively plan to address the high cost of care without spending down your assets.

The Importance of Arkansas Medicaid Planning

Medicaid is a Federal and State program, and the rules vary from state to state. If you reside in Arkansas and need Medicaid, then Arkansas’s Medicaid rules apply. You can benefit significantly from our expert Medicaid planning attorneys who understand Arkansas’s specific Medicaid qualification, application, and approval process.

Medicaid planning can be a complicated and confusing process. Arkansas Medicaid can be a massive benefit towards protecting your assets, especially if you require nursing home care or in-home care. Our Heber Springs, AR attorneys can assist with Medicaid eligibility while protecting your hard-earned assets from being depleted by the cost of care.


Homemaker Services $45,760Adult Day Health Care $21,840Semi-Private Room $71,175
Home Health Aide $45,760Assisted Living Facility $42,000Private Room $78,475


Without the aid of Medicaid, the cost of an Arkansas nursing home can wipe out your family’s savings, retirement funds, and inheritance for your loved ones. Our Heber Springs, AR law firm can help you protect your hard-earned life savings from being spent down to pay for long-term care.

The Importance of Arkansas Special Needs Planning

As we age, mental illness or a sudden illness could leave you or a loved one no longer able to manage your finances or medical care here in Cleburne County, AR. There are numerous eldercare options available for aging adults with special needs in Arkansas. The available long-term care options range for those more independent individuals with special needs than others who need advanced medical care. It is crucial to match your loved one’s needs and desires with the best possible elder care options or a combination of care options.

Establishing Guardianship in Arkansas for Aging Loved Ones

Guardianship of aging loved ones means significant legal responsibility to act and advocate for their care. The duties can include daily care, medical care, and making financial decisions on their behalf. Many Arkansas guardians are family members who were previously caregivers, now cast into a formal legal role.

An aging loved one’s ability to accept the idea of guardianship on their behalf is an admission that they cannot maintain their independence.  An experienced Arkansas elder law attorney specializing in guardianship and conservatorship can protect you or your loved one from missteps and create a smooth transition for all parties involved.

The Value of an Arkansas Elder Law Attorney Advocating for You

No matter your situation, our Heber Springs law firm can help you develop a plan that protects your hard-earned assets from the financial burdens of expensive care options available to you. Contact White Law today to start planning to protect your legacy in Arkansas.

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