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If you or someone you love has experienced abuse, you are not alone. We can help get you the justice you deserve. We will advocate and fight for you and give you the strength you need to get through this unfortunate event.

Legal Advocate for Priest Abuse Victims in Arkansas

We help our Arkansas community reclaim financial damages from priest abusers and other liable parties. We approach every abuse case with genuine care and understanding for the victims seeking due process. White Law will fight for justice on behalf of priest sexual assault victims in Arkansas civil courts. For the sake of our clients, we wish we could turn back time and undo priest abuse. In most cases, we can help our Arkansas clients move forward from the tragic event and obtain the greatest possible financial compensation in Arkansas.

Our experienced Arkansas attorneys have the legal understanding needed to properly represent families impacted by priest sexual abuse in the Catholic Church in Arkansas. To best represent our clients affected by sexual abuse, we will closely research and prepare for your case. In Arkansas, the statute of limitation allows an abuse victim to file a claim even if the abuse happened decades ago. If you or a loved one experienced priest abuse or assault, come forward regardless of when the abuse occurred. We can help.

Exposing the Abusers of The Catholic Church in Arkansas

The list below are individuals that have served for the Catholic Church in Arkansas at some point in time. These individuals have been admitted, substantiated, or determined to be credible abusers in Arkansas.

  • Diocesan Priest Donald Althoff
  • Diocesan Priest Joseph Correnti
  • Diocesan Priest Robert Dagwell
  • Diocesan Priest John McDaniel
  • Diocesan Priest Edward Mooney
  • Diocesan Priest Walter Rajmund
  • Diocesan Priest Edward Simpson
  • Diocesan Priest Robert Torres
  • Diocesan Priest Paul Hass
  • Nicholas Fuhrmann, OSB
  • Patrick Hannon, OSB
  • Timothy Sugrue, SM
  • Patrick Walsh, MSC
  • Bill Wright, GHM
  • Francis Zimmerer, OSB
  • Thomas Benkhe, OCD
  • Gary Carr
  • Daniel De Dominicis, CSSp
  • Gabriel Henntrich, OCD
  • Albert Homes, GHM
  • Conrad Kinder, SVD
  • Kevin McCarthy
  • Anthony McKay, CSSp
  • Bede Mitchell, OSB
  • Jeremy Myers
  • Patrick J.L. Nicholson
  • Aloysius Schwellenbach
  • Vance Thorne, SVD

To learn more about Arkansas clergy for whom allegations of sexual abuse of a minor have been admitted, substantiated, or determined, or considered credible, see the Arkansas Clergy Disclosure List provided by the Diocese of Little Rock, Arkansas.

You may not realize; your abusers carry liability for the harm they have caused. There may also be other parties who are liable in your case. We take the time to deeply investigate your case and identify all responsible parties that need to be held accountable for their wrongdoing. We take all necessary procedures, like consulting with abuse counselors and other professional experts, to leverage their insights and knowledge to better your case. White Law advises those who were victims of sexual abuse at the hands of catholic priests to seek compensation and gain a sense of justice for their experience.

We Can Help All Victims of Abuse in Arkansas

In the United States, numerous sexual assaults happen every year, and sadly most offenders of these crimes will not face criminal charges. White Law can help victims find justice and hold their offenders accountable for their actions in Arkansas criminal courts. Sexual assault or abuse can take place anytime and anywhere. Victims suffer from a long-term impact of physical, psychological, and emotional trauma from their horrific experiences. We are legal advocates for victims of assault, sexual abuse, and child sexual abuse. Our experienced Arkansas attorneys work aggressively for abuse victims against sexual predators while maintaining compassion towards the victim’s emotional toll involved in the case. Through the civil legal process, White Law can fight back for our Arkansas victims.

There is no greater reward than when we can help Arkansas victims who those in a position of power have violated. We can never erase the past abuse, but we can utilize legal resources to represent victims to take the first steps of moving forward from their emotional and physical trauma. Take the first step to obtain a sense of closure, and let us fight for you.

Let us fight for you by contacting our office at (501) 365-3934 or by completing the form below.

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